The Cook Energy Center is currently open to school groups only. All schools must schedule their tours in advance; no drop-in tours are available.

Cook Limnotech lake buoy

Lake Michigan Weather Buoy Information
Lake Michigan weather buoy information - The Cook Plant has a weather buoy located two and one half miles from the shore in 70 feet of water and will remain in operation through the fall.

Information about the buoy, photos, short videos and a link to real-time data is available at

Other communication options:
Text 45026 to 734.418.7299
Dial-A-Buoy at 888.701.8992 station 45026

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Japan Response

Emergency booklet (PDF : 5.21 MB : get viewer)

Cook Plant Safety
AEP's Cook Nuclear Plant is designed to withstand extreme environmental hazards, including tornados, floods and earthquakes. Learn more about AEP's Cook Nuclear Plant

Request A Speaker
Would you like a speaker from the Cook Nuclear Plant to talk to your school, business, non-profit, church or other group? If so, click here and briefly state in the email what subject you would like us to talk about. We'll set up a time and date and have one of our subject matter experts present on subjects such as:

  • How we safely produce electricity at a nuclear power plant.
  • Dry cask storage of used fuel.
  • Radiation safety at a nuclear power plant.

Learn More About Nuclear Energy
The exciting new hands on exhibits in the lobby of Cook Energy Center are just the beginning. Schedule a fun "Power Trip" with Dr. Nate for your class and learn how nuclear energy is produced and used.

Exercise Your Body and Mind
Take a walk on our beautiful nature trails and learn more about the local topography and geography through educational postings along the way. Or just watch the wildlife from our indoor viewing area.

We are located on Red Arrow Highway, 3-1/2 miles North of Bridgman, Michigan (take exit 16 from I-94). All schools must schedule their tours in advance; no drop-in tours are available. Please call 800-548-2555 to schedule a group "Power Trip" through our educational facilities.

Job Opportunities
Visit AEP's Career Center to explore the latest job opportunities available in Bridgman, MI at the Cook Nuclear Plant and adjoining facilities.

Rotational Engineer and Summer Intern Programs
An understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various departments and personnel at the plant can be gained prior to being assigned a permanent position through Cook's Rotational Engineer Program. Additionally, students have the opportunity to supplement their education with practical experience outside the university setting by participating in our Summer Intern Program.

Learn More
Heart of Cook Brochure
How to apply for grants to support SW Michigan area not-for-profit programs.

In Case of an Emergency
What to do in the unlikely event of a nuclear plant or other area-wide emergency.

Contact Information:
Cook Energy Center
P.O. Box 850
Bridgman, MI 49106