The visitor center is open to school groups by reservation. The newly remodeled Cook Energy Center offers students an interactive energy adventure to let them Discover the Nature of Power. The experience can be tailored to students from grade school to college. The centerpiece is a 26-foot 3D rotating model of the plant that shows the intricate working of a nuclear power plant.

Students will learn how Turbines and Generators work together to make electricity. They will explore Transmission and Distribution and how electricity gets to the homes and businesses that use it. They will learn about fission and radiation which is what makes nuclear power so different from other generating plants like coal, natural gas, and hydro. Students will partake in a fun fission demonstration where they simulate fission and the nuclear chain reaction. From start to finish students are encouraged to participate with the interactive exhibits and group discussion.

There are also nature trails that wind through the dunes and woods, leading to a beautiful overlook of Lake Michigan.

To learn more or to request a tour fill out the request form so your school group can Discover the Nature of Power.


Besides being emission-free, the nuclear industry is committed to protecting the environment. Cook cares about southwest Michigan.


The interactive learning experience at the Cook Energy Center can be adapted for groups as young as 3rd grade. We can accommodate up to 80 visitors at a time. We require a minimum of 15 student age visitors to book a tour.

Hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 0800 – 1300.

Tours are two hours in duration but may take longer if the students ask questions that encourage group discussion. Groups should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to allow time for the Security Officers to grant the group access.

All visitors (including bus drivers, parents, chaperones, teachers, etc.) age 16 and older must be on the access list and have a valid government issued ID. The access list must be submitted a minimum of five(5) business days before the scheduled tour date. Individuals not on the access list prior to arrival will be denied access.

To request a tour submit the information below and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.