Evacutation Routes
If told to evacuate, you and your family or business associates should follow the evacuation routes in red on the map below. Listen to a tv or radio station below to find out which evacuation routes to use.

Evacutation Centers

Follow the announced evacuation routes to the nearest reception center listed below, and also shown on the map. There you and your family or business associates should register so that relatives and friends will know where you are. Again, listen to an area TV or radio station to learn which reception centers are open.

Coloma High School
West of Town on Red Arrow Hwy.
300 W. St. Joseph
Watervliet High School
East of Town on Red Arrow Hwy.
450 E. St. Joseph
Brandywine High School
South of Niles & East of U. S. 33
1700 Bell Road
New Buffalo High School
South of U. S. 12
222 S. Whittaker Street
New Buffalo

Cook Nuclear Plant Emergency Planning Zone

The dotted circle below is a 10-mile radius of the Cook Nuclear Plant at Bridgman. It's called the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ). The early warning siren system for Berrien County is located within the EPZ. People outside the EPZ will be alerted, if necessary in an emergency, by area TV and radio stations. The map also shows evacuation routes and the four reception centers. During an emergency, listen to a tv or radio station above to learn which evacuation routes and reception centers to use.

If you have questions or comments about anything in this part of the site, need more information about emergency planning, or want copies of the Emergency Planning Calendar, call or write either of the offices below.

Cook Energy Information Center
One Cook Place
Bridgman, Michigan 49106

Berrien County Emergency Management

Division of Berrien County Sheriff's Office
919 Port Street
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085
(269) 983-7141 Ext. 7215

This Emergency Information was prepared by American Electric Power in cooperation with the Berrien County Emergency
Management Office and the Emergency Management Division of the Michigan Department of State Police.