Special Needs

If you have Special Needs because you (or anyone you identify) are vision or hearing impaired, disabled, or need transportation help in an emergency, get a Special Needs postcard from Berrien County Emergency Management Office, or the Cook Energy Information Center. If you know someone nearby who has Special Needs, volunteer to assist that person in an emergency or at least make sure a card is filled out and mailed now.

Since transportation resources will be limited in an emergency, only people who truly need help should send in a card.

When you mail the Special Needs card, the Berrien County Health Department will keep the information on file for one year. Special warning or protective actions then can be taken for you (or whomever you identify) in a serious emergency in Berrien County. But since cards are kept on file for only a year, anyone with Special Needs must obtain, complete and return a card annually. These cards need to be renewed when the Emergency Planning Calendar is issued. Copies of the calendar can be had from the Emergency Management Office or the Cook Energy Information Center (addresses below.)

Boaters, Campers

If you are boating on Lake Michigan and hear sirens, don't wait for further warning. Tune to marine channel 16 (156.8 MHz) or to a designated radio station for emergency information. Marine patrol boats will also warn boaters on Lake Michigan if there's a serious emergency. You will be told the location of safe waterways and docking areas.

If you are camping, hiking, swimming, or visiting in the area, you will be warned of a serious emergency by sirens. At Warren Dunes and Grand Mere state parks, park public address systems, or mobile alert units may also be used. Please follow all emergency instructions from park officials.

Vacationers, Visitors

If you are vacationing or visiting in the area and hear sirens, seek shelter indoors or in your vehicle immediately. But stay out of your vehicle in a weather emergency; it's not safe! Tune to one of the designated tv or radio stations for emergency instructions. Follow all directions given by park officials, sheriff and police officers.

If you have questions or comments about anything in this part of the site, need more information about emergency planning, or want copies of the Emergency Planning Calendar, call or write either of the offices below.

Cook Energy Information Center
One Cook Place
Bridgman, Michigan 49106

Berrien County Emergency Management
Division of Berrien County Sheriff's Office
919 Port Street
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085
(269) 983-7141 Ext. 7215

This Emergency Information was prepared by American Electric Power in cooperation with the Berrien County Emergency
Management Office and the Emergency Management Division of the Michigan Department of State Police.