Nuclear Information Websites:

There is a wealth of information already available online about nuclear energy. Here is a listing of just some of the resources where you can find more information.

Nuclear Organizations

National Laboratories

Government Agencies

Radiation Science and Technology

  • Radiation and Health Physics
  • BrighamRAD: Online teaching tools from the Harvard Medical School Dept. of Radiology, information about radiological events in the Boston area, and a listing of other RST sites
  • Society of Nuclear Medicine: A multidisciplinary organization of physicians, scientists, radiopharmacists, technologists and others interested in the diagnostic, therapeutic, and investigational use of radiopharmaceuticals. It is the largest scientific organization dedicated to nuclear medicine.
  • Space Radiation Associates: Software to model nuclear and space radiation effects in aircraft and spacecraft electronic systems. Typical applications include dose degradation of semiconductors, solar cell damage, and single-event upsets.

Fusion Information

Fission Technology Information

Nuclear Policy Groups

University Nuclear Engineering Departments

General Information