From your arrival in the Energy Center lobby, your group will be whisked off to Theater 1 for a private screening of Dr. Nate's nuclear energy video. You'll learn the secrets of nuclear energy and how we use it to make electricity at the Cook Nuclear Plant.

Next you're off to Theater 2 to watch a 26-foot 3-D rotating exhibit rise from the floor, rotate, and flash as the intricate working of a nuclear energy plant are displayed.

You Say You Want More?

Off you go to Theater 3, where Dr. Nate will help you explore alternative energy sources for making electricity today and in the future. Then back to the lobby for hands-on experience with a hand crank generator and a chance to walk the 20-foot-long reading rail and view a model of the Cook Nuclear Plant.

Wow! Now you know what all the excitement is about!

I can't miss this! Please call ahead at 800-548-2555 to schedule a group "Power Trip" through our educational facilities.