Donald C. Cook Plant Summer Intern Program:

The Donald C. Cook Plant has a strong internship program that offers students the opportunity to supplement their education with practical experience outside the university setting. The program is open to students entering their junior or senior year in a variety of engineering disciplines, including nuclear, mechanical, electrical, civil/structural, chemical, and materials. There are also opportunities for students majoring in chemistry, physics, computer science and business administration depending upon plant needs in a given year.

Interns may be assigned to any one of a number of departments/sections. These include System Engineering, Design Engineering, Production Engineering, Program Engineering, Rotating Equipment Engineering, Training, Information Technology, Environmental, Chemistry, Equipment Reliability, and Business Services. The assignments can either be at the plant or at the Nuclear Generation Headquarters in Buchanan, MI (located approximately 25 minutes from the plant). Every attempt is made to match an individual to his/her area of interest. However, plant need is the deciding factor when making intern assignments.

Approximately 15 to 20 interns are hired each summer. Employment is typically offered for a minimum of 12 weeks and can be longer based on needs of the plant. Salary is a function of engineering discipline/major and the number of academic terms completed. Interns are entitled to time off with pay for the holidays coinciding with their employment. However, vacations, sick leave, or time off for personal reasons is not compensated. Overtime pay is applicable for hours worked in excess of 40 during a work week.

Identifying individuals for permanent employment after graduation is a primary objective of the intern program. However, participating in the program is not a guarantee that an individual will be offered permanent employment. Permanent placement is based primarily on company needs, as well as an internís performance during employment and his/her academic achievement.

It is our goal to make an internís experience at the Cook Plant a positive one not only professionally, but personally as well. In that regard, the program supervisor organizes team building and social events among the interns, as well as with permanent staff. The events can be either company sponsored or covered by the participants.

Please contact Tiffany Rydwelski (269-466-3412, ) if you have any questions about the program.

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